Therapy Animals

Therapy Animals

Therapy animals are trained pets that help and assist many people to complete different daily tasks in life. So, these therapy animals can live with people to offer them many services and to be a boost in hard times. In addition, these animals can provide a sense of relaxation and calm for many people and that makes them also special.

These animals are specially trained to provide affection and comfort to people in various stressful environments like disaster areas, schools, nursing homes, and hospitals. Therapy animals are not like an emotional support pet or service dog, because they are socialized. They can be classified as one of 3 types: facility therapy animals, assisted therapy animals, and therapeutic visitation animals.

The therapeutic visitation animal is the most popular kind of therapy animal. They can be seen in different places like detention facilities. They are brought to visit people who may miss their own pets, but at the end of the day, they go back home with their owners.


To call any animal a therapy animal, it typically should go under many procedures like receiving basic training, being screened to make sure they are doing well with people, as well as having a veterinarian’s assessment.

Some states have their own laws to protect therapy animals and grant rights to their owners but there are no federal laws to defend or protect them. The National Service Animal Registry provides many services for these animals such as registration, collars, and vests.

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Therapy Animals
Therapy Animals

4-Therapy Rabbits

Who fears or does not rabbits?! A rabbit is a very cute and quiet animal that can make an amazing therapy animal.

Rabbits are small and they could be transported easily. They can be a great option for people who do not like cats or dogs and fear them as they do not meow or bark. There are many characteristics, that should be in a therapy rabbit. First of all, it should be enjoyed petted and handled by humans, be well-socialized, and be calm.

It is also better for a therapy rabbit to know how to use a litter box. And that depends on the rabbit’s comfortable in the four-foot leash and the harness. If that succeeds, they would make a great therapy animal.

Therapy Animals 2
Therapy Animals 2

3-Therapy Cats


Many people do not prefer to choose therapy cats as much as horses or dogs. However, many cats are still a great example of therapy animals. Kittens are very kind and small creatures that are easy to be anywhere. You can see them in indoor facilities such as hospitals and nursing homes, so, they would comfort and help people who would be very sad because of losing their own pets.

Many therapy cats are good learners and their presence would add a calming atmosphere in schools for children. Also, they can be very helpful in living facilities for elderly people, and many other situations. They could be a perfect indoor therapy animal alternative for people who may do not like dogs or be afraid of them.

Therapy Animals 3
Therapy Animals 3

2-Therapy Horses


Another example that could be a therapy animal is a therapy horse. They are larger than dogs and they would be seen helping with equine-assisted therapy techniques and they are very useful.

Therapy horses would help in aiding mental health. Many medical professionals use these therapy horses in addiction treatment centers, other mental wellness facilities, and veteran’s groups as equine-facilitated psychotherapy.

One of the most important things that are considered so therapeutic for horses is grooming them. However, the horses can also be beneficial for humans, who are suffering psychologically, by mimicking human emotions. People can ride these therapy horses or cannot as well as learn many things from them such as dealing with emotions, working ethic, and trusting building.


Therapy Animals 4
Therapy Animals 4

1-Therapy Dogs


Therapy dogs are the most common type of therapy animals that you have ever seen. They come in different sizes and shapes to represent the ideal therapy animals. You definitely have met one of the therapy dogs throughout your life.

Therapy dogs can be seen walking around many public places, detention centers, schools, nursing homes, and hospitals. Having therapy dogs would help relax and calm people according to many studies. Generally, dogs are common companions for humans so many people really enjoy having one and love their presence.

Larger breeds are most known as therapy dogs than other breeds. Labradors and Golden Retrievers are most often considered therapy dogs, but that doesn’t deny the fact that any dog breed can be good in therapy. Any dog, that, is kind towards people and respect commands definitely can make a perfect therapy animal!


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