• Cicadas


    Cicadas   Cicadas, that are physically known by their large compound eyes, clear-membraned wings, broadheads, and stout bodies, are individuals…

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  • Cockroach


    Cockroach The cockroach insects are a huge danger to public health, and pests. They can cause damage by chewing, contaminate…

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  • Centipede


    Centipede   Watching a house centipede move under your sofa or across your home is one of the most terrifying…

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  • Silverfish


    Silverfish         Silverfish, which are considered insects, primarily live under trees, leaf mold, and rocks. They prefer…

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  • Flying Ants

    Flying Ants

    Flying Ants   It is known that flying ants usually appear on sunny days. However, there is a day in…

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  • Wolf spiders

    Wolf spiders

    Wolf spiders   The most dangerous spiders in the spider world are wolf spiders. These species are like the wolves,…

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  • Africanized Bees

    Africanized Bees

    Africanized Bees   Knowing the Africanized Bees is not an easy thing as they look like common Honey Bees, but…

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  • Butterflies


    Butterflies   A Butterfly and a moth are insects that descend down from the order Lepidoptera as well as the…

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