The goldfish, which is one of the most popular aquarium fish, is usually kept in indoor aquariums as a pet. The beautiful fish, that is also known as Carassius auratus, are a small member of the carp family, which also includes the crucian carp and the Prussian carp.


The goldfish breed was initially bred over 10 centuries ago in imperial China. Since then, many distinct goldfish breeds, that vary greatly in coloration (many combinations of black, brown, red, orange, yellow, and white); fin configuration; body shape; and size, have been developed.




There are hundreds of Goldfish breeds on earth. In the list below, you will find the most popular breeds you can buy from pet stores.



Common Goldfish Breeds:




This breed can be somehow rare, but it is delicate and gorgeous.




Goldfish 2

Its protruding eyes are the main reason for its name. Do not use sharp decorations if you have this fish breed as a pet.




Goldfish 3

If you are looking to have a pet fish for the first time, Shubunkin fish are a good choice as they’re very resilient. They are so beautiful and known for their calico pattern.




Goldfish 4

If you are a beginner, this breed is a great start for you. A hardy fish of this breed has a large hump behind its head, which differentiates this breed from other breeds.




Goldfish 5

Having a special head growth called “wen” makes this breed very unique.




Goldfish 6

This breed, which looks like Orandas, swims very slowly due to not having a dorsal fin.





Goldfish 7

Having a split caudal fin is what differentiates Fantail fish from other breeds.





Goldfish 8

The Comet fish, who were originally bred in the US, are the most active and playful goldfish breed.





Goldfish 9

As they have locked upward eyes, they are also called “stargazers”.





Goldfish 10

This fish breed is possibly the slowest one, and also so weak.


11-Black Moor



Goldfish 11
Goldfish 11

Black Moor fish are considered to be good pets as they are seriously enduring.





1-Goldfish don’t blink and sleep without closing their eyes as they do not have eyelids.


2- “Trouble” is the name of a school of goldfish.


3-They are known for having a great memory, that allows them to memorize faces.





It is recommended for this type of fish to be in Tetra 10-gallon tank or 20-gallon aquarium at least. This is because they need more space as they can grow to be more than 1-ft long.



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