German Shepherd

German Shepherd


One of the most popular dog breeds in the US is the German Shepherd. They are versatile, courageous, devoted, and intelligent. The German Shepherd dogs, that can be found in breed-specific rescues and shelters, are also known as Alsatian.

The dogs of this breed can do everything they are trained to “competitive obedience, drug detection, rescue and search, herding, military and police service, assistance and guide work for the handicapped, but the most important thing they can do is being faithful companions.”

There is no doubt that German Shepherds are so recognizable. Their look is almost the same! German Shepherds have done many things since their emergence such as herding stocks, visiting sick people, serving in the military, sniffing out illegal substances, chasing down criminals, leading the blind, and even movies star!

However, adopting a German Shepherd does not mean that you will get a dog with the characteristics you are looking for as some of them are being bred in an American way, and some others are being bred by German breeders! So, if you want to know what is your favorite type of German Shepherds, you have to spend some time with them before deciding to adopt them.



The German Shepherd dogs likely express their worries in some unlikable ways like digging, chewing, and barking, if they are left alone at home. Furthermore, they can also become bored or anxious, so, if you leave your home for long periods of time, or you leave your home frequently, this breed is not the perfect one for you.

Daily exercise both mental (such as training sessions) and physical (such as Frisbee and jogging) for German Shepherds is a must as they’re intelligent and active. You must keep them busy working, playing, and learning. They can also be suspicious and aloof against strange people. So, expose your pup to many people, places, and experiences if you want to raise a well-behaved and social dog.


However, they are known to be great watchdogs, but actually, chaining them will lead to aggression and frustration. They can be so happy if they are kept indoors. Furthermore, they need to burn some energy, so, having access to a large, fenced yard is an advantage.


German Shepherd
German Shepherd



Emerging in 1899, the German Shepherd breed, that was discovered by a career captain in the German cavalry called Max von Stephanitz, is not very old. Furthermore, the initial purpose of breeding German Shepherd was to protect the herds!

Von Stephanitz decided that the German Shepherd’s future was in military service and police work. He was also able to convince the German government to use these dogs as he had great connectivity with the military. The German government used this breed as sentry, supply carrier, guard, rescuer, and messenger during World War I.



Weight: between 34-43 Kg.

Height: 56-61 Cm (Females); 61-66 Cm (Males).



This breed isn’t usually aggressive, but they can be aloof to strangers. They are approachable, easygoing, and loyal to their owners. Furthermore, they do not make friends directly as they are reserved dogs. However, they can be great watchdogs, protective and strong when they are threatened.

They can do any job they are asked to do such as sniffing out an avalanche victim and alerting deaf people to a doorbell ring as they are trainable and very smart. They also need to be socialized early by exposing to many different things like experiences, sounds, sights, and people.



The large-sized dog of this breed should have exercise and high energy needs with a diet. A question should be asked to your professional nutritionist or vet about the correct portion sizes of the food, and what it is.

On the other hand, you should put your German Shepherd pup on a low-calorie, high-quality diet as they grow rapidly between 4-7 months of age. Do not ever think about overfeeding your dog as it can cause some health problems like especially in joints.


Coat Color And Grooming:


They, in general, have a double coat with medium length, that is resistant to picking up dirt and burrs, and protective from snow and rain. The color of the coat varies as it can be white; sable, liver; gray; blue; black and tan, black and silver, black and red, black and cream, and black.

They should be shed twice a year, but sometimes you can shed them once a year if they are not hairy. They are just bathed when it is needed as the oils in their coat keep them healthy. Ears should be checked at least one time every week, and nails should be trimmed one time every month.


Children And Other Pets:


They are great companions for kids if they are well-trained (especially when they are young). German Shepherds are also protective and gentle towards their families. They can also be great with other pets and dogs if they are well-trained when they are young.



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