Flying Ants

Flying Ants


It is known that flying ants usually appear on sunny days. However, there is a day in Great Britain called “flying ant day”, when these ants, which are also known as alates or swarmers, appear. Furthermore, their existence, in general, does not threaten people, but they can be irritated by their constant swarming.


The most common flying ant is Lasius niger (the flying ants that are black and exist in gardens), and you can see them in your garden. The problem is if they have a nest near your home as 5 thousand to 15 thousand ant workers can be found in each nest, which unfortunately means that you will have a summer full of swarms!


If you want to know how to eliminate this type of ants, this article will help you.


When does flying ant come?

On sunny days, flying ants start to whizz around for about a month. However, they usually appear on the same day. Furthermore, flying ant day does not always come on the same date, but they tend to appear after heavy rainfall (on a humid, hot day in July).



An article for The Conversation by Nottingham Trent University, exactly Dr. Christopher Terrell-Nield, has shown that flying ants are usually many large peaks, and they also appear over a few weeks. If conditions are similar across the day, these ants can emerge on the same day as the swarming often happens after a summer rain and is triggered by temperature.



What is the main reason for flying ants to suddenly emerge?

Flying ants tend to stay in huge groups, so, they can stay safe from predators because as long as they are in huge numbers, they’re safer. The main aim of these ants is to start a new colony. Because this type of ants embarks on its “nuptial” flight, they will likely appear during the summer months when wind, humidity, and temperature conditions are fine for them.



How can I eliminate flying ants?

You can keep these ants out of your place by doing many things like mopping floors, keeping food hidden, sealing bins, and keeping kitchen surfaces clean, as they are, just like other insects, attracted to sweet treats. By following these steps, you can make sure not to have ants as you do not leave a trail for them.


You can also use all-natural spray with peppermint oil to banish their presence as prevention is better than cure.


What is the duration of flying ants’ staying around?

Staying in huge groups means that these ants do not have to look around for mates. This also means that they can increase their chances of reproduction. However, these ants stay around as long as the temperatures are humid and high, which means for several weeks. Also, they will disappear after the end of these days.



How bad flying ants are

Of course not, they are not dangerous or bad. They are not like the carpenter ants, who can create property damage and bit through wood. They aren’t poisonous and will not bite. However, a full ant infestation around your house can be led by a large swam.



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