Arabian Horses

Arabian Horses



Arabian horses were always known throughout the ages as a source of joy and pride for the desert people. These highly loyal horses intend to be patient and outstandingly elegant.


Profile Arabian horse


Suited for:

Show endurance and recreational riding; dressage and riding,






Arabian Peninsula



Energetic and spirited



Ambitious, good-natured, very oriented towards humans, spirited, and sensitive


Coat’s color:

Black, chestnut, brown, and white.



High tail, large eyes, pronounced concave face, elegant body, and sleek.


Height at the withers:

57 – 63 inches.






Arabian Thoroughbred




Have you ever heard about these facts about horses?


Arabian horses often share in the film industry. For example, German children’s TV was shown The famous Arabian pure-bred “Sarouc”, which was known for its elegant appearance, good-natured character, and great endurance.


Sons of the Desert


One of the oldest and most noble horse breeds in the world is the Arabian purebred horse. There are also half-Arabian horses, the Anglo-Arabian horses, Shagya Arabian horses, which are also considered thoroughbred horse breeds. These animals with large eyes and nostrils, beside concave faces, are native to the Arabian Peninsula. Originally, horses were used by Bedouins to cross the endless desert landscapes riding them.


Then, Bedouin people took them as loyal companions and they cannot be replaced because they have proved that they have humble nature, reliability, and high endurance. The oriental Arabian horse purebreds are valued for their sensitive nature. However, these horses have a good and sensitive side nature, they are often lively. Arabian horses are intended for people, and they can quickly be best friends with their riders. These noble horses have a very elegant appearance and special nature. These thoroughbreds have naturally expressive, big nostrils and eyes,  fine and narrow heads, a slender body. In addition, their majestic look is because of their high tail and high neck. The most common Arabian horses are white horses but they are bred in all shades.


Born athletes


The elegant animals are popular for recreational riding and easily form bonds with people because of their good-natured character. They have also a delicate appearance that makes them often used as show horses.


These types of horses were used as racehorses, but when people decided to use English thoroughbreds instead of them, they have shown their good quality in endurance riding.



The Arabian horses are eager and agile to move by nature as their endurance is far higher than most horse breeds. These horses were often used for breeding with some other breeds like American Quarter Horses, Appaloosa horses, English thoroughbreds, and Trakehner horses because of their genetic purity.



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