Wolf spiders

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Wolf spiders


The most dangerous spiders in the spider world are wolf spiders. These species are like the wolves, they chase and pounce on their insect prey directly without even spinning webs. Once the prey is caught, the wolf spider injects venom into it or mashes it up into a ball, which causes the internal organs to be liquefied into a wolf-spider smoothie.


Wolf spiders are recognized by having 8 dark eyes arranged around their cephalothorax or heads. A row is formed from 4 small eyes are over the spider’s mouth, 2 bigger eyes peer out the front, and 2 more big-gleam eyes are placed from the top of the head. Most wolf spiders have mottled and dark body colors, which make them survive predators as well as hunt very easily by blending themselves with decaying plant matter as they spend most of their time on the ground.



Wolf spiders either make holes under logs or rocks or dig burrows and take these places as homes. They can manage to live anywhere, and they can be founded either in volcanic lava tubes or on rocky, cold mountaintops. Wolf spiders can also thrive from suburban to grasslands lawns, rainforests to deserts. Moreover, one species has been found feeding on aphids in wheat crops.


Female wolf spiders are attracted by males when it is mating period, the males wave their long palps (mouthparts) rhythmically or drum them on leaves. When the female gets pregnant, she attaches the twirled-round egg bag to her abdomen to take it around with her, once mated. After the babies hatch, they can’t live on their own as they are not old enough, so they climb on their mama’s back until they can make their way in this life.


The Kaua’i cave spider, which lives in Hawaii, and the desert wolf spider, which lives in Portugal are endangered. While other species are considered to have steady populations. The Costa Rican Wolf Spider has venom-injecting fangs, a camouflaged body, and excellent eyesight. This incredibly agile is an opportunistic predator.



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