Watching a house centipede move under your sofa or across your home is one of the most terrifying things. To be honest, most people, if not all of them, are completely afraid of centipedes! However, what makes these crawling creatures more fearful is the ability to travel about 40 cm in each second, which makes catching them so hard!




There are some scholopendrid centipedes in Australia that could bite you so hard as they can reach up to 6 inches long! However, they get their food from invertebrate creatures by using a mild toxin the claws, which are in most cases fifteen pairs, underneath the head. Do not be afraid, this toxic isn’t that dangerous to humans. You can find these creatures in many places such as in soil, under a tree leaf, tree bark, or rocks! Furthermore, when they are discovered, they do their best to find a new place.

The earth centipedes are harmless and so smaller than the scholopendrid centipedes. However, they are also much longer and very slender than scholopendrids. The earth centipedes, which can be found in wetter places in soil, or under moist bark, only eat soft-bodied invertebrate insects like mollusks and earthworms as they can’t consume solid food.

The house centipede is another type of centipedes that can be found around the house. To be honest, most people tend to kill centipedes when they see them, but the truth is that they are very helpful as they can kill all the spiders in the house! They can be found in places, where they can hide such as closets or under carpets.


Should I Kill or Beat a House Centipede?


As we mentioned above, the first response is trying to kill any house centipede we face, but they should not be killed as they have many good purposes for us like killing any insects they meet.


What Is Centipedes’ Food?

The centipedes usually eat insects, that are existent in homes, such as termites, silverfish, flies, moths, and roaches. They kill all of these insects using their toxin.


Honestly, there is also another reason not to kill house centipedes besides killing all the insects. They do not create webs or nests! Their main purpose is to hunt insects, which means that they will not carry a fatal disease or eat your food.


How to Get Rid of any Centipede in My House?

The main thing you have to do is to eliminate their food, which means

If you want to get rid of house centipedes for good, the trick is to eliminate their food. Doing that is not very easy, but it can be done by doing many things such as assuring not to have extra moisture in your walls by installing a fan or a dehumidifier in your restroom. The second step is by eliminating their lay-egg places by sealing off any cracks.

In conclusion, every creature in this life has its advantages and disadvantages, but knowing the advantages of any creature will surely make life better. Briefly, killing house centipedes should not be considered an option as they can be more helpful than harmful.



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