Why Do Cats Like Boxes

Why Do Cats Like Boxes



Have you ever bought a great new toy for your cat, but it is the box, that catches its interest?! I think that we have all faced such a situation! But why do cats like boxes? In this article, we try to cover the real reason for that. You just have to read it till the end.



It is known that cats like boxes more than any other toy in the world, no matter how fancy or expensive they may be! Furthermore, most cat owners are baffled to know the real reason for this phenomenon! You may think that it is very weird, but the truth is that these cute pets like cardboard boxes more than anything!



Why do cats like boxes?

The main reason, that cats like boxes, is that they are enclosed, confined spaces. Furthermore, being ambush predators means that they love to hunt prey, hide, and feel warm and safe, and they can find all of these things in boxes depending on their perspective!



Cats are just curious:

It is known that cats are among the most curious creatures, so, of course, when they see anything new, they start to investigate. So, if they see a new item that comes with a cardboard box, they directly start to curl themselves inside the box instead of focusing on the new item!



Cardboard is a great insulator:

The warmth and greatness of boxes are also among the reasons why kitties like boxes. Furthermore, cats like to relax in comfy, warm spaces, and that’s what the boxes offer to them. 98.6 Fahrenheit is the ideal temperature for kitties, and they can surely find that inside boxes.



Boxes are safe:

Felines feel safe and comfortable in enclosed places, and the same is applied to cardboard boxes, that are used to hide from other predators. Furthermore, they are always ready in boxes for any intruders like other pets, humans, or prey.


There are some other reasons why these animals love boxes, including: offering a safe zone and reducing stress. They also prefer boxes to give them a hidden place to observe as they do not have in-built conflict resolution strategies. Another reason is that they feel safe in these boxes.



Cardboard boxes help them to adapt:

Researchers from the University of Utrecht have recently found that cats, who have boxes, are able to adapt to their environment faster and recover faster in comparison with those with no boxes.


There are also some other reasons why cats like cardboard boxes such as the texture as boxes are considered perfect for cats to scratch and bite, and being great for sleep as cats like to sleep in a great spot, so, boxes are perfect for them to sleep the 18 hours they sleep every day.



In conclusion, you should also know that all the cats in the world, not just pet cats, like boxes as they are the perfect places for them for the same reasons we mentioned above.



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