What Do Dogs Dream About

What Do Dogs Dream About



Watching your dog sleeping beside is one of the greatest things ever. Knowing that he is feeling safe beside you is a great thing, but have you ever thought about what your dog dreams about? However, many dog owners ask “what do dogs dream about?” It is a very common question, especially among the owners who really care about their dogs.



In general, dogs sleep as much as humans sleep as their brains are very similar. So, they dream just like us with whimpers and twitches. However, dogs also have multiple sleep stages during rapid eye movement sleep (REM) which starts after about twenty mins of sleep, and a standard sleep cycle.



Some studies have also found that dogs do not prefer to sleep on a strange bed as they can’t sleep very well, but they can sleep better on their bed, just like humans!



How Often Do Dogs Dream?

Large dogs dream every hour while sleeping, and the dream lasts up to 5 mins. On the other hand, pups and small dogs dream every 10 mins, and it lasts for almost 60 seconds.



What Do Dogs Dream About?

It is not completely known, but it is thought that they dream about playing fetch with you, running after rabbits, and chasing squirrels, according to researchers.



However, they can also have nightmares and bad dreams like dreaming about being in a thunderstorm, getting in a fight with another dog, or being alone.



Should We Wake Our Dogs If They Are Having a Nightmare?

If you see your dog whining or twitching softly in his sleep, you can try to awake him gently.


On the other hand, do not even wake your dog if he is acting or growling aggressively while sleeping as he may nip you accidentally because of the effect of the dream. You can use verbal cues to calm him down. When he is fully awake from the nightmare, giving him a warm cuddle is the best option.



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