Do Dogs Cry

Do Dogs Cry



Seeing tears inside your dog’s eyes lets you directly think that it is crying, however, it is known that dogs are emotional creatures, that can feel our grief or happiness, but do dogs cry? Many dog owners think that, but emotions are not the real reason for dogs’ tears. In this article, you will know many things about crying in dogs.

do dogs cry
do dogs cry

There is no doubt that dogs are sensitive and compassionate creatures as they always share grief or joy with us. They’re the best friends ever. However, dogs can’t cry for emotional reasons like humans! So, why do dogs cry?


There are many causes of tears in dogs including:


Speck of Dirt

Having an eyelash or a speck of dirt in your dog’s eye will sometimes lead it to tear up. Do not worry as the tears, in this case, should come to an end soon. Furthermore, keep observing your dog for more serious symptoms or prolonged. If you see something unusual, take it directly to the veterinarian. Do not underestimate this type of tear as it may lead to something dangerous. You just have to seek medical treatment and watch it closely.


Scratched Cornea

The cornea may get scratched if your dog is very active. However, a scratched cornea can be caused by many reasons such as projectiles in the area, running through thick brush, and rough play. In addition to tearing, a dog may have an inflamed eye area, blink a lot, or paw at his eye. If you see any signs like these, take your dog to the veterinarian.



Instead of being clear, if your dog’s tears are bloody, mucusy, or yellow, this could mean that your dog has an infection in his eye. Furthermore, if your dog’s eye area is irritated or swollen, it is another symptom. So, you should immediately take your dog to a veterinarian if you see these signs in your dog.



A dog’s eyes can be tearful because of allergies just like humans. There are many things that cause allergies to dogs such as food ingredients, smoke, dander, dust, and pollen. However, the cause of the allergic reaction can be figured out by putting the dog on a special elimination diet or running a few tests.


Furthermore, there are also some other causes of tears in dogs such as discharge and blocked tear ducts. Finally, I think that the common question among dog owners “do dogs cry?” is well answered.

do dogs cry2
do dogs cry2


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