Pyredoodle Puppies: The Gentle Giant’s Guide

Welcome to the ultimate guide on Pyredoodle puppies! If you’re considering adding a Pyredoodle to your family, you’ve come to the right place. These lovable pups are a mix between a poodle and a Great Pyrenees, making them a perfect blend of intelligence, loyalty, and gentle nature.

Pyredoodles are known for being excellent family dogs, friendly with their family members, and great with kids. With their calm and loving temperament, they bring joy and companionship to any household. Whether you’re looking for a playful playmate for your children or a loyal companion for yourself, Pyredoodles won’t disappoint.

In this guide, we will explore everything you need to know about Pyredoodle puppies, from their breed characteristics to their care and pricing. So, let’s dive in and discover the wonderful world of Pyredoodles!

Key Takeaways:

  • Pyredoodles are a mix between a poodle and a Great Pyrenees, making them an ideal family companion.
  • They have a calm and loving temperament, making them great with kids and other family members.
  • Pyredoodles have several advantages, including being healthier due to hybrid vigor and being hypoallergenic.
  • Pricing for Pyredoodles ranges from $1300 to $2300, depending on factors like gender and coloring.
  • Pyredoodles come in medium and standard sizes, with estimated sizes for fully grown puppies.
  • They can have various coat colors, such as white, black and white, and apricot.
  • Proper care, training, and socialization are important for their overall well-being.

Pyredoodle Breed

Pyredoodles are a unique and charming breed that results from the mix of a poodle and a Great Pyrenees, also known as the Pyrenean Mountain Dog. These lovable dogs are well-known for their remarkable characteristics, making them a popular choice for families seeking a loyal and protective companion.

The Great Pyrenees, an excellent family dog, is known for its friendliness and love for its family, especially children. When combined with the intelligence and elegance of the poodle, Pyredoodles inherit a wonderful combination of traits that make them truly special.

One of the notable features of Pyredoodles is their unconditional love for their family. They form deep bonds and demonstrate unwavering loyalty, always striving to protect and please their loved ones. With their guardian instincts, Pyredoodles are naturally inclined to be vigilant and protective against intruders.

“Pyredoodles are known for their unconditional love for family, guardian instincts against intruders, and elegant thick white coats.”

In terms of appearance, Pyredoodles showcase elegant coats that are usually thick and white. This striking coat reflects the influence of the Great Pyrenees, contributing to their majestic and eye-catching presence. Their unique combination of charm and strength sets them apart from other breeds, making them a remarkable addition to any family.

When it comes to their temperament, Pyredoodles are renowned for their loving and protective nature. While they adore their families, they can be cautious around strangers. This vigilance is a testament to their innate sense of guardianship and makes them excellent companions.

Pyredoodles inherit certain advantages from their poodle and Great Pyrenees ancestry. Due to hybrid vigor, they are typically healthier, with fewer genetic health issues compared to purebred dogs. Additionally, Pyredoodles often have larger sizes and a quieter temperament, making them ideal for families seeking a gentle giant.

Pyredoodle Care

Caring for a Pyredoodle requires attention to their unique needs and attributes. Regular grooming is essential to maintain their luxurious coat and prevent matting or tangling. This includes brushing their fur regularly and scheduling professional grooming sessions as needed.

It’s important to note that Pyredoodles are hypoallergenic, an advantage for individuals with allergies. Their low-shedding coats help minimize allergic reactions, making them an excellent choice for families who want a dog without compromising their health. However, regular grooming is crucial to keep their coat clean and healthy.

Proper training and socialization are also vital for Pyredoodles. Early socialization exposes them to different environments, people, and animals, helping them develop into well-rounded and confident dogs. As intelligent beings, Pyredoodles respond well to positive reinforcement training methods, making their education an enjoyable and rewarding experience for both dog and owner.

Providing regular exercise and mental stimulation is crucial for the overall well-being of Pyredoodles. They enjoy walks, playtime, and activities that challenge their minds. Meeting their exercise needs helps prevent boredom and promotes a content and happy disposition.

Pyredoodle Discounts

At Crockett Doodles, we value and appreciate the service of certain individuals in our community. That’s why we offer exclusive discounts on our pyredoodle puppies for those who deserve it. If you fall into any of the following categories, you can enjoy discounted pyredoodle adoption:

  • Military Personnel
  • Veterans
  • Firefighters
  • EMTs
  • Police Officers
  • Pastors
  • Teachers
  • Home School Parents

Additionally, if you have been referred by someone who adopted one of our puppies and is part of the Crockett Doodles Forever Home community, you are also eligible for a discounted pyredoodle adoption.

To avail of these discounts, simply request them and complete the necessary processing before the Puppy Adoption is finalized on Adoption Day. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to bring home their perfect pyredoodle companion, and these discounts are our way of saying thank you to those who make a positive impact in our lives and communities.

Testimonial: A Discounted Adoption Experience

“As a military family, we were delighted to discover that Crockett Doodles offered discounts for military personnel. It made the process of adopting our pyredoodle puppy more affordable and allowed us to provide a loving home for our new furry family member. We highly recommend taking advantage of these discounts if you qualify!” – The Johnson Family

Advantages of Pyredoodles

Pyredoodles offer numerous advantages that make them a popular choice for dog lovers. These hybrid dogs combine the best qualities of the Poodle and the Great Pyrenees, resulting in a breed that is truly exceptional. Below are some of the key benefits of choosing a Pyredoodle:

“Pyredoodles are typically healthier due to their hybrid vigor, which is the increased resistance to genetic diseases and health issues. This means that owners can enjoy the company of their furry friend without having to worry about frequent visits to the veterinarian.”

“With their larger and broad shoulders, Pyredoodles possess a robust and sturdy build. This makes them ideal companions for those seeking a strong and resilient dog that can keep up with an active lifestyle.”

“One of the significant advantages of Pyredoodles is their hypoallergenic nature. Their low-shedding coats greatly reduce the likelihood of triggering allergies in sensitive individuals, allowing more people to experience the joy of having a canine companion.”

“Pyredoodles have a quieter temperament compared to the standard Great Pyrenees. While they still possess the protective and watchful nature of their Pyrenees parent, they are known for their calm and gentle demeanor.”

“Intelligence and intuition are two remarkable traits that Pyredoodles possess. Their ability to quickly learn and understand commands makes training a breeze. Their intuition also allows them to sense their owner’s emotions, providing comfort and support when needed.”

“In addition to their advantages, Pyredoodles come in a variety of colors, including but not limited to white, black and white, and apricot. This wide range of coat colors allows owners to choose a Pyredoodle that matches their personal preference and style.”

With their numerous advantages, Pyredoodles are a fantastic choice for anyone in search of a loving, intelligent, and versatile canine companion. Their unique blend of characteristics makes them an exceptional breed that brings joy and fulfillment to the lives of their owners.

Pricing of Pyredoodles

When considering bringing home a Pyredoodle puppy, it’s important to understand the pricing details. The cost of Pyredoodles can vary depending on factors such as gender and coloring. On average, the price range for Pyredoodles is typically between $1300 and $2300.

For those who are specifically looking for a Christmas pup, there is an additional charge of $200. This is to accommodate the higher demand during the holiday season. It’s important to note that sales tax of 6% applies to all puppies picked up in the state of South Carolina.

At Crockett Doodles, we strive to provide exceptional quality and value for our customers. The pricing of Pyredoodles reflects the care and dedication that goes into breeding and raising these beautiful hybrid dogs. While price is an important consideration, it is just one aspect to evaluate when making a decision about adopting a Pyredoodle puppy.

Our goal is to help you find the perfect addition to your family, and we believe that the love and companionship a Pyredoodle brings is priceless. If you have any further questions about the pricing or would like more information on how to bring home a Pyredoodle, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Pyredoodle Sizes

When considering a Pyredoodle, it’s important to understand the different sizes available. Pyredoodles come in medium and standard sizes, offering options to suit various lifestyles and preferences. However, it’s crucial to note that the sizes listed are estimates for fully grown puppies and can vary.

If you are looking for a Pyredoodle that falls within a specific size range, discussing your preferences with a reputable breeder can help ensure you find the right fit for your family. They will be able to provide guidance based on the specific parent dogs and their previous litters.

Whether you opt for a medium or standard Pyredoodle, you’ll still get to enjoy the incredible characteristics that make this breed so beloved. From their gentle temperament to their loyal nature, Pyredoodles make wonderful companions for families of all sizes.

A Perfect Fit for Every Home

Choosing the right size of Pyredoodle is an important decision for prospective pet parents. While medium Pyredoodles may be more suitable for individuals or families with limited space, standard Pyredoodles thrive in larger homes or properties with ample room to roam and play.

Regardless of the size you choose, Pyredoodles will give you the love and affection you crave while adding joy to your everyday life. Remember, size is just one aspect of this incredible breed, and there are many other factors to consider when bringing a Pyredoodle into your home.

Pyredoodle Colors

Pyredoodle puppies come in a variety of colors, offering a range of options for potential owners. The most common colors seen in Pyredoodles include:

White Pyredoodle: A stunning coat color, white Pyredoodles exhibit a beautiful, pure white appearance that is sure to catch the eye.

Black and White Pyredoodle: The black and white Pyredoodle puppies have a striking coat pattern, with a combination of black and white fur creating a unique and eye-catching look.

Apricot Pyredoodle: Pyredoodles with an apricot coat color display a warm and rich hue, reminiscent of apricots. This color adds a touch of elegance to the breed.

It’s important to note that Pyredoodles can inherit colors from their Poodle parent, which introduces more variety into the gene pool. Poodles are known for their diverse coat colors, including red, chocolate, and parti-colors, which may also be seen in Pyredoodles.

pyredoodle colors

Having a variety of coat colors adds to the appeal of the Pyredoodle breed, allowing potential owners to find a puppy that matches their preferences and personality.

Pyredoodle Temperament and Care

Pyredoodles are truly gentle giants with a sweet and careful nature. As a mix between a Great Pyrenees and a Standard Poodle, they bring together the best qualities of both breeds, resulting in a dog that is known for being loving and protective.

One of the remarkable traits that make Pyredoodles great family pets is their natural affinity for children. They often take on a guardian role in their lives, watching over and caring for them with unwavering devotion. You can have peace of mind knowing that your Pyredoodle will be a loyal and loving companion to your little ones.

Caring for Pyredoodle puppies involves regular grooming and coat care. Their thick and luxurious fur requires frequent brushing to prevent matting and tangles. Regular grooming sessions not only keep their coat healthy and free from debris but also provide an opportunity for bonding and strengthening the bond between you and your furry friend.

When it comes to temperament, Pyredoodles tend to have a relatively calm and composed demeanor. However, they can be shy or cautious around strangers. To help them feel more at ease in new situations, exposing them to different people, places, and experiences from a young age is essential. Socialization plays a crucial role in shaping their behavior and ensuring they grow up to be well-rounded dogs.

Proper training is also important for Pyredoodles. Their intelligence and eagerness to please make them quick learners. By using positive reinforcement techniques and consistent guidance, you can teach them basic commands, as well as more advanced skills. This not only helps with their overall behavior but also strengthens the bond between you and your Pyredoodle.

Regular exercise and mental stimulation are necessary to keep Pyredoodles happy and healthy. They enjoy activities such as long walks, hikes, and interactive play sessions. Providing them with plenty of physical and mental outlets not only helps prevent boredom but also promotes their overall well-being.

In summary, Pyredoodles are gentle, loving, and protective companions. Their caring nature, combined with proper care, training, and socialization, makes them excellent family dogs. By investing time and effort in their well-being, you’ll have a loyal and devoted furry friend who will bring joy and companionship to your life for years to come.


Pyredoodles, a popular breed resulting from the mix of a poodle and a Great Pyrenees, are the perfect addition to any family. Their gentle and friendly nature makes them excellent companions, especially for families with children. Pyredoodles offer several advantages, including hybrid vigor for better health, a calm temperament, and hypoallergenic qualities.

These gentle giants come in various sizes and coat colors, allowing families to choose the perfect match for their lifestyle and preferences. However, it is important to note that proper care, training, and socialization are crucial for their overall well-being. By providing the necessary attention and love, Pyredoodles will thrive as loyal, loving family members.

In summary, Pyredoodles embody the best of both worlds with their poodle and Great Pyrenees heritage. These wonderful dogs bring joy and happiness to families, while also offering unique characteristics and benefits. Pyredoodles are the ideal choice for those seeking a gentle giant that will become a cherished member of the family.


What is a Pyredoodle?

A Pyredoodle is a mix between a poodle and a Great Pyrenees, known for being excellent family dogs, friendly with their family, and great with kids.

Where can I find Pyredoodle puppies?

You can find Pyredoodle puppies for sale from reputable breeders or adoption centers. You can also search online for Pyredoodle breeders or check local classifieds.

How much do Pyredoodle puppies cost?

The price range for Pyredoodle puppies is typically between $1300 and $2300, depending on factors such as gender and coloring.

What sizes do Pyredoodles come in?

Pyredoodles are available in medium and standard sizes, but the sizes listed are estimates and can vary.

What are the common coat colors of Pyredoodles?

Pyredoodles can have coat colors such as white, black and white, and apricot. Additional colors from the poodle parent may also be seen in Pyredoodles.

Are Pyredoodles hypoallergenic?

Yes, Pyredoodles are hypoallergenic, making them a suitable choice for individuals with allergies.

What is the temperament of Pyredoodles?

Pyredoodles are typically calm and loving, known for their loyalty, love for family, and protective instincts. They can be wary of strangers but are usually friendly with their family and great with kids.

How should I care for a Pyredoodle puppy?

Pyredoodle puppies require regular grooming and coat care to keep their fur healthy. Proper training, socialization, regular exercise, and mental stimulation are also important for their overall well-being.

Are there discounts available for Pyredoodle puppies?

Yes, Crockett Doodles offers discounts for certain individuals such as military personnel, veterans, firefighters, EMTs, police officers, pastors, teachers, and home school parents. There is also a referral discount for anyone referred by a Crockett Doodles Forever Home who adopted a puppy.

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