Pigeon Befriends With Dogs After Losing Ability To Fly

Pigeon Befriends With Dogs After Losing Ability To Fly



Imagine you lose one of the best things you can do, how would you feel. To make it even clear, if you were a pup but can’t howl or a cat but can’t meow, you will surely be broken. But it is not always the end of the world as you can have alternatives, that could be better than the things you lose.



That’s what happened with a poor pigeon, who was in a very bad situation when he was found by a kind person. Fortunately, a rescuer from The Mia Foundation called Sue was told about the pigeon and she was very happy to help. The bird, who was named Herman, was fed for days by a bottle by Sue as there was a tilt on his head, and was starving.



Unfortunately, he can’t fly because of a virus called PMV. So, Sue decided to let the bird be with the dogs! That was a great idea as Herman liked life with dogs and directly adapted to them! He will stay with dogs forever! How adorable he is! Check the clip below to get more information.



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