Most Aggressive Dog Breeds

Most Aggressive Dog Breeds


One of the most common questions that any possible dog owner asks is what are the most aggressive dog breeds? Anyway, aggressiveness does not mean that you can’t adopt the dog. Furthermore, it depends on how aggressive the dog is, how the dog is with kids, and how the dog is with other kids.

One of the most important things before looking at the most aggressive dog breeds is to understand what aggressiveness really means.

What’s Aggressiveness in Dogs?


It’s hugely subjective to determine whether a whole dog breed is aggressive or not, even if you check as much dogs as you can of the same breed. The truth is that each dog of every breed is being different from every dog in its breed. You can find some owners considering one breed not aggressive, while some others consider the same breed as aggressive.

Simply, acting dangerously against a human person or another dog is surely aggressiveness. However, aggressiveness is not just biting as there are also many other actions that are considered under aggressiveness such as lunging, growling, and barking.

ATTS (American Temperament Test Society) has done research about the most aggressive dog breeds depending on many things such as visual stimuli, noise stimuli, interacting with strangers, and many more.

After checking the research of the American Temperament Test Society, we know how to classify the most aggressive dog breeds depending on showing some aggressive tendencies.



The most aggressive dog breeds list:



5. Dalmatian

Many experts of the American Temperament Test Society believe that the entire Dalmatian dogs can be aggressive as they used to treat strangers as threats as they are initially used as guard dogs.

However, the Dalmatians are still among the most recognizable dog breeds on earth, despite the truth that after Disney’s 101 Dalmatians’ release, the Dalmatian’s popularity has dropped. Furthermore, being a fan of this breed does not mean that you should bring one home! You should know that they need socialization and training to be able to live safely and happily.



4. Doberman Pinscher


This breed is one of the most aggressive dog breeds, despite being great companions if they are well trained. Furthermore, their strength, speed, and intimidating size surely make any Doberman Pinscher, even if it is so calm, look frightening.

Actually, the dogs of this breed are not naturally aggressive, but they act aggressively just out of fear! This means that they have to be taught how to be confident in new places and around strange people.


3. Chow Chow

It is known that Chow Chow dogs have aggressive tendencies. The dog, which looks like a huge fluffy teddy bear, usually shows its aggressiveness towards other dogs or strange people if it isn’t socialized when it is so young. However, having a high-prey drive makes them look mistakenly more aggressive!



2. Dachshund


The Dachshund breed is also one of the most aggressive dog breeds. The dogs of this breed often show their aggressiveness against strange people. The dog, that is also known as a wiener dog, can bite that hard as it is so small. However, you can change the routine of your Dachshund dog with professional effective training, and socialization.



1. Chihuahua

Being tiny does not stop the Chihuahua from being one of the most aggressive dogs. Anyway, it is known if this breed is aggressive due to receiving inadequate socializing and training, or due to its genetic makeup.


However, there is no doubt that Chihuahua dogs can’t do much damage as they are so tiny. So, when you decide to have a Chihuahua dog, you should make sure to get the most proper socialization and training.



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