Marmoset Monkey

Marmoset Monkey




The most commonly traded and kept species of monkeys is the marmoset monkey species. There are some Geoffroy’s marmosets of this species, but most of them are common. However, there are also a few hybrids of the 2.



Breeders take baby marmosets from their mamas when they are too small to sell them as finger monkeys or pygmy marmosets. The main purpose of taking the monkeys so early to buy them is to tame them easily. Unfortunately, these poor monkeys will have many troubles in their upcoming lives.


Marmoset Monkey 2
Marmoset Monkey 2

What does marmoset monkey eat, and where do they come from?

Marmoset monkeys can be found in Central America, but their main habitat is the tropical rainforests of South America. Marmoset monkeys’ main meals are gum and sap from trees, but they also eat baby birds, frogs, lizards, snails, insects, flowers, seeds, fruit, and leaves.



Can a marmoset monkey be a good pet?

Generally, marmosets can’t be good pets for many reasons such as:


They are really sociable – Keeping them alone is unnatural and cruel as they’re able to create stable social groups in the wild.


They can get bored easily as they’re very smart. Furthermore, they can be intensely stressed if they get bored.



They can’t be kept in homes as they scent-mark their surrounding creatures.



You can never provide the marmoset monkeys a wild environment they like to live in as they have their own welfare requirements for being wild and tropical animals.


Having a marmoset monkey is a commitment for the long term as they can live up to eighteen years.




Is owning a marmoset monkey legal in Great Britain?

Unfortunately, yes. But many campaigns are now being gone against this law to be changed by the governments of Wales and England.



In the end, there are many stories about people, who took a marmoset monkey as a pet. Many of these stories ended sadly as the people who adopted the monkeys did not know how to deal with them, and when they recognized that, it was too late. Unfortunately, many monkeys were euthanized as their conditions were so bad when they were taken to vets. Thankfully, there are also some marmoset monkeys, who were removed from the breeders and taken to Monkey World in Dorset to stay there.



Anyway, taking any animal from its original habitat is not a good thing as many animals do not have the ability to adapt when they are kept in closed places.



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