Dog Stares Out To The Sea Daily For Owner Who Is Not Coming Back

Dog Stares Out To The Sea Daily For Owner Who Is Not Coming Back



Jolie Mejía and her family were completely fascinated when they witnessed something really sweet on the beach near their home in Peru, Punta Negra. They saw a dog staring out to sea while they sat down on the beach. When they looked at the dog, they thought that he was looking for something.



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They never had a doubt that the pooch was a stray or abandoned as he was wearing a collar and was very clean. The dog did not move his eyes even when he is petted. They were completely surprised but when a local man walked by, they asked him about the dog.


He told them that the pooch, whose owner was a fisherman, is known and loved by everyone in the area but unfortunately, his owner died before a year. The local man added that the animal comes every day to the beach and waits for his owner who’ll never return.

However, Vaguito, the dog, has many friends who take care of him, but he is being cared for by a local woman who houses him and feeds him. The loyalty in dogs has no limits!



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