Cane Corso

Cane Corso

Cane Corso
Cane Corso

The original usage of the Cane Corso is to hunt and guard as it loves to do the job it is given. The pet parents, who have big fenced backyards or front yards, love having this breed as it is athletic and strong. Despite being strong and powerful, the Cane Corso does not suit a family with another dog as it is not sociable. However, it is completely protective and loyal to his family in the best way ever.

This breed needs a job to do as it has big energy. So, you should involve it in many jobs such as tracking, obedience, nose work, dock diving, or agility! But if you do not give it anything to do, it will usually do some annoying things like chewing up your furniture, digging big holes, or even barking at passersby!




The short coat of Corso dogs comes in different colors such as red, dark, and light shades of fawn, dark and light shades of grey, and black. Its ears may be uncropped or cropped! However, it enjoys talking to their parents with verbalizations, snorts, and “woo woo woo” sounds, despite being not demonstrative! Anyway, if you decide to have a dog for the first time, the Corso is not the best choice as it needs plenty of exercise, training, and socialization to become a great companion!




The Corso, which is said to be original as Roman dogs in Italy, was bred to be a farm dog, guard property, and hunt game. They can also be used as shepherd dogs as they can drive the cattle. It is believed that this breed was first discovered in 1996 by the Federation Cynologique Internationale, which also found that it was rebuilt in 1970 by dog fanciers.




The Cane Corso is a big, strong dog with a big number of muscles. Females stand 60-66 Cms at the withers, while the males stand at 63.5-70 Cms. Typically, their weight ranges between 41-54 Kg.




This breed is ready for any challenge as they are vigorous temperament. There are also many other features of the Corso dogs such as being affectionate, docile, so smart as they can understand the tone of the voice. They are also self-assured, quiet, and calm.




In general, this breed does not have health problems, but they are just like any other breed can some diseases such as gastric torsion, demodectic mange, cherry eye, ectropion, and entropion.




To keep this breed in shape, you have to let it have many physical activities. But how?! Taking it for daily jogs or walks, evening or morning. You can also let it run while you are riding a bicycle.



Your Corsos need approximately four to five cups of high-quality dry food every day. However, the activity level, metabolism, build, age, and size surely affect the amount of their food.


Coat Color And Grooming


Their coats need to be shaved at least twice a year, no matter what their coat color is. You should also brush their teeth 2-3 times every week with one bath. This will keep your dog away from mange and bacteria.


Children And Other Pets


This breed can be gentle and friendly towards kids if they are socialized, trained, and raised in the most proper way. They generally do not like new people, so, you have to make sure to observe them when you have guests. On the other hand, they do not like other pets unless they are raised with them. They generally consider other animals as prey and try to kill them.



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