Can Dogs Eat Cat Food

Can Dogs Eat Cat Food


You could see many pups always trying to taste and snack on cat food if it is obtainable. There is something weird about cat food that attracts any dog, nevertheless, its well-behaved, aged and breed almost try and can’t resist cat food. However, the question is “can dogs eat cat food or not?” or “is it safe for dogs to eat cat food?” Here is everything you have to know about dog nutrition.


What is the Difference Between Cat Food and Dog Food?


Cats eat meat only, and that means that they just eat animal protein, and therefore, they need more fat and protein than dogs. Meanwhile, dogs eat meat and veggies, and thus, they can eat animal-based and plant-based ingredients. Also, pups require ten amino acids by their diet, while cats need eleven essential amino acids, that extra amino acid called taurine.


Commercial dog foods must provide lower fat and protein concentrations than commercial cat foods, which need to imply more protein, fat, as well as taurine. That means that dog foods do not have enough ingredients for cats. But, is eating cat food bad for any dog? For dogs, cat food would be more fragrant and tasty because of the more concentrations of fat and protein, which make it also more attractive for dogs. Eating cat food allow dogs to have or even surpassed their nutrient needs.


Is Eating Cat Food Safe for a Dog?

We cannot say that it is bad for an average adult dog to eat a feline kibble, whether that was by accident or as an odd treat.


When Can Dogs Eat Cat Food Safely?

Actually, cat kibble may be a super alternative for some pups who are experiencing weight loss, battling cancer, and suffering from a poor appetite. Also, cat kibble, which is more palatable for dogs, can be training rewards, or well-balanced and healthier treats, instead of some human food types such as peanut butter, chicken, or cheese. It also provides more calories as well as supplying a more nutrient-balanced option.


When Can Dogs Be Harmed By Cat Food?

Dogs that experience exceeding protein or fat limits, could have problems if they eat cat food, even as an odd treat.





A lower-fat diet has to be consumed if a dog has obese to promote weight loss or limit pancreatic inflammation. The richness in cat food could simply make a dog get diarrhea or vomiting if it has a sensitive gastrointestinal tract. Moderate amounts of protein have to be consumed if a dog has a liver or kidney disease to support the optimal functioning of those organs. In general, dogs cannot eat just commercial cat food, whether it is on a long-term or infrequent basis because that could increase health issues.



Ask Your Veterinarian About Your Dog’s Nutritional Requirements

Frankly, your dog only can decide if cat food is bad or good for its health. Anyway, do not hesitate to contact your veterinary nutritionist or a veterinarian for any questions you might have about any amount of commercial cat food that may be good for your pooch.



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