Stray Puppy Found Taking Unoccupied Nativity Scene For Rest

Stray Puppy Found Taking Unoccupied Nativity Scene For Rest



Something caught the eye of a woman called Nádia Rosângella while walking nearby her home. At first, she thought that it was a baby, but when she took a closer look she know that it was a stray pup who just wanted to stay the night near her home in Brazil. The dog found a nativity scene, that was very comfortable and its size was perfect for a nap.



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It was obvious that the cute puppy needed immediate help, so, Rosângella took some pictures and shared them online looking for help.

After seeing the post, a friend contacted Nádia and said he was able to take the pup in, but the pup decided that that night he wanted to stay at the nativity scene.


Unfortunately, Nádia was not able to take the cute puppy in, but she was able to find her the forever home she deserved. Thankfully, the dog spent Christmas in a forever home with a kind family.

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