Hunting Cats

Hunting Cats



In fact, all cats love to hunt and stalk just for fun! Any cat could stalk a feather toy or even a bug without fatigue just because it has a natural or innate need to. Hunting in cats is something natural, and they do it for a few purposes.


Why does your cat like to hunt and stalk?

Because It Is Fun!


There are many skills that cats need to learn as adults in order to survive through having fun like chasing, batting, and pouncing. That game is considered to be a safe way for kittens to improve tricks to catch prey and practice their natural predatory behaviors. That behavior could be noticed as early as 3 weeks of age, while some kittens start showing that after the age of 3-4 months be declined after that. However, many kittens stay playful all through their lives. You can motivate your cat easily as most of them have a high spirit to play. You can attract your kitten’s attention by simply making a sudden movement. However, you can also use many toys to release your one’s need to hunt and stalk such as cat’s balls, a pretend mouse, a feather wand.




Cats gradually became solitary hunters of little mammals and birds. Feral cats spent almost their whole time hunting prey. Between 10 and 20 small meals are eaten all day. The cat’s drive to eat is separate from its drive to hunt which is highly developed. Actually, if a 2nd object of interest passes by a cat, who is eating at the same time, it will chase after it and stop eating. The hunting drive is different from playful behavior because it does not decline while the cats are getting older.

hunting cats 2
hunting cats 2

Cats catch their prey by setting an ambush, they prefer either creeping up and pouncing on their prey or they may sit next to small mammals’ burrows until they appear. That action would save some energy to chase after a suddenly noticeable target, as well as increases their chance of success.


Modern Cats With Wild Ancestors


Cats were domesticated almost 15,000 years ago because they could manage small rodent populations, which helped in protecting emerging agricultural civilization crops. Now, humans and cats are bonding a very strong relationship as they live in our homes as companions. However, cats cannot rid of their strong drive to hunt and other instincts as they are inherited from their wild ancestor, although they could manage their change of circumstances very well.


These days, you can regularly feed your cat good meals, but that cannot deny the fact you have to release their need to hunt. If your cat does not have the chance to release that need, it may develop behavioral or physical problems such as obesity and boredom or even showing aggression. You can play with your indoor cats to fulfill that need. However, if that need causes a problem, do not hesitate to contact your vet asking for help.



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