Man Shoots His Dog In The Face For Being Is Always ‘Too Happy’

Man Shoots His Dog In The Face For Being Is Always ‘Too Happy’



Some hikers in Greek found a small pup tied to a tree and left to die. When the hikers went to help the dog, they were completely heartbroken after seeing a shot in his face! After having a conversation with the owner, they knew that he had shot his 7-month-old dog as he was annoyed by him for being “too happy”.



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So, the hikers directly rushed to the dog, who was on the edge of death, Save A Greek Stray. Unfortunately, his face wound was so big, and it needed immediate care. It would take many operations and surgeries to get his face back to its origin, but Ice, the dog had always been optimistic.



Thankfully, he was completely recovered, but he stayed for a long time in the shelter as he continued to be passed by. Finally, life gave him another chance as he was adopted by a British family who took him to Great Britain. He is now having a great life with his great family who would never hurt him again. Check the clip below to get more information.


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