Dog Seen Falling From The 9th Floor, Saved By A Passerby

Dog Seen Falling From The 9th Floor, Saved By A Passerby


A Shih Tzu called Mel climbed onto the railing of a ninth-floor balcony while she was playing in her home and was not able to get down so she fell down out of the balcony.


If any dog falls down from such a distance which is almost 30 meters, to the ground, it would surely die but for Mel it wasn’t like this as she was saved by a passerby who was there at the exact time. Joao Augusto, the passerby was walking near Mel’s home in Ribeirao Preto, Brazil, when he heard barking coming from the sky.



So, he directly knew that he had to do something and tried to do something. So, he yelled to Paulo Narciso, the building caretaker, to get a sheet or towel to catch Mel but it was too late. The dog slipped from the balcony which was almost death for her but Joao had another opinion as he was able to position himself to catch Mel before she falls to the ground! You can see her looking at him when she was safe to say thank you! What a heroic effort! Check the clip below to get more information.

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