Cat Years To Human Years

Cat Years To Human Years


In this article, you will find how to calculate cat years to human years. In general, any animal’s aging depends on its size, except for humans, tortoises, and a few other animals. So, cats live quite a long time due to their size. A dog lives between seven and twenty years determined by its activity, breed, or size, while a tiny mouse lives a short lifespan. A rabbit may live about eight years, while a cat will live on rate about 12–14 years, which means that they can live much longer because they are not much bigger than rabbits. However, it is normal for a cat to reach its early twenties or even late teens.


Cats have six life stages:


Cat Years To Human Years
Cat Years To Human Years

Super Senior: 15+ years.

In this stage, some cats don’t show any sign of seniority age. On the other hand, some do not reach this stage.



from eleven to fourteen years. In this stage, the cat’s age equals 70 human years.


Mature: from seven to ten years.

In this stage, the cat’s age equals the mid-40s to mid-50s.


Prime: from three to six years.

During this time the cat is grown-up behaviourally and physically, as well as it is considered as flourish stage where the cat is shiny, looking sleek, active, and healthy.


Junior: from seven months to two years.

In this stage, the cat starts to learn about the life that it is living and how to remain alive as well as it gains full size.


Kitten: from birth to six months. This is the period when the young cat is developing quickly and is usually not quite sexually grown-up.


Here we have a table that shows how to know a cat’s age equals a human’s age. The stages that have been pointed out make us really appreciate how old the cat is as there are no specific signs that let us know.


Cat Care for Life, a preventative healthcare initiative, has been set up by International Cat Care. The job of the program is to check your cat’s health to see if there is any problem, and what changes you can expect to see in your furry friend in relation to age.


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