Can Cats Eat Dog Food

Can Cats Eat Dog Food


It is known that the cat’s food price is much more expensive than dog food, which is frustrating for the cats’ owners. However, many cat owners ask “can cats eat dog food?” This is a very common question as the price of dog food is cheaper. In this article, you will find an answer to this common question.


Can cats eat dog food?

There is no doubt that cats and dogs have different nutritional needs, but it does not mean that eating dog food by cats is not safe. Furthermore, cats can pinch the odd emergency ration of the dogs, or eat the odd dry dog food kibble. However, this means that dog food is completely safe for cats, but they can’t eat it all the time as they’ll become unwell soon due to not having all the nutrients they need.

The dogs require 37 essential nutrients, while cats need 41, according to PFMA “the Pet Food Manufacturers Association”. Because of their shorter intestine, the cats aren’t completely able to digest plant material. However, the nutrients’ surface area for absorption is determined by the intestine’s length.


Dog and cats have developed to eat different diets:

Dogs can derive their nutrients from sources of carbohydrates, vegetables, and meat just like humans as they’re omnivores. On the other hand, cats require animal-based fat and protein as they are obligate carnivores. Furthermore, cats can’t synthesize arginine and taurine, the 2 proteins, but dogs can.


Serious Disease Due to Taurine Deficiency

Cats develop dilated cardiomyopathy, a disease that causes heart failure if they do not get the taurine they need. Furthermore, absorption problems in the loss of vision and digestive tract can also be caused by taurine deficiency.


Fatty Acid Requirements


Arachidonic acid, an essential fatty acid, that is important for skin health and organ function, can’t be made by cats. Whereas dogs can make it themselves. Anyway, cat food contains arachidonic acid.

The Arginine Problem


A single meal deficient in arginine can cause death or at least brain damage as arginine deficiency is somehow dangerous.

Can Cats Eat Dog Food
Can Cats Eat Dog Food

Protein and Life-stage


The senior cats and growing kittens need a high protein diet, which is not available in dog food. However, eating dog food would lead to many health diseases. So, the best thing for cats is to eat cat food to stay healthy.



Protein Requirements


Cat food should contain 15-20% fat and 30-34 protein, which are necessary for cats’ energy. They can also get carbohydrates from corn and rice. On the other hand, dogs need carbohydrates in the first place and almost 18-26% protein. This means that eating cat food can leave dogs with pancreatitis and gastrointestinal upsets.




Cats require higher levels of vitamins such as Vitamin A, that’s primary for coat quality, muscle function and vision, animal-based protein, and high niacin levels. All of these vitamins are not provided enough in dog food. Briefly, cats can eat an odd meal of dog food, but it can’t be permanent.



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