Biggest Cat Breeds

Biggest Cat Breeds


The biggest cat breeds are not usually undomesticated or wild cats. If you are looking for a large cat, there are a lot of big domesticated cat breeds to adopt from. Here is plenty of domestic, big-sized cat, that can be a great choice to breed and care for if you love that. Although these cats are big, they will need very little preservation as well as it will be easy to manage their size. You will be delighted and amazed to meet these ten biggest cat breeds and to get to know them well.


Breed Characteristics:


Cats, in general, tend to be curious, however, when it comes to large breeds, they are disposed toward having more confidence. These active and athletic big cats can jump with great power as well as get into a little more trouble so easily. They can make an inseparable bond with their human parents, and they have their own special purrs, squeaks, mews when they need you.


5- Chausie Cat

Biggest Cat Breeds
Biggest Cat Breeds

We have also the Chausie cat as one of the biggest cat breeds. This breed is distinguished by its exotic-looking. The Chausie is an ancient breed that was raised centuries ago before it was brought to America and domesticated. The Chausie is a giant, intelligent, and extremely energetic cat. The ancient Egyptian initially bred this cat. “Felis chaus” is its Latin name, which means “jungle cat”. This cat gained its name because it has a large and strong appearance, regal demeanor, as well as natural hunting skills.


Breed Overview:


COLOR AND COAT: Commonly brown or black short coat with a tabby pattern.

WEIGHT: 7-9 kg

HEIGHT: 35.5-46 cm



Biggest Cat Breeds 2
Biggest Cat Breeds 2

The Persian cat is one of the biggest cat breeds. This cat has an orange round flat face, which makes the most noticeable attribute of it. This breed has long hair and a squished face look because of its clearly short muzzle. It has a big appearance due to its long hair. Actually, this cat does not like playing instead it tends to be idle and ignorant around all day. Persians are the smallest of the larger breeds.


Breed Overview:


COLOR AND COAT: Long coat in solid (cream, black, white), smoke, shaded, silver and gold, bicolor, calico, and tabby.

WEIGHT: 3-5.5 kg

HEIGHT: 20-25.5 cm



3-Norwegian Forest Cat

Biggest Cat Breeds 3
Biggest Cat Breeds 3

The Norwegian Forest Cat is a large, fluffy cat with white and orange spots. This loyal wild cat has yellow eyes and long hair and a muscular body. The big, strong barn cats were first found in Norway after a cross between wild forest cats and domestic cats. That breed has become domesticated and it is a perfectly brilliant, jolly, and friendly big cat breed.


Breed Overview:


COLOR AND COAT: Every pattern and color are possible; and a unique double coat that includes a long, silky-smooth overcoat and a dense undercoat.

WEIGHT: 6-9 kg

HEIGHT: 23-30.5 cm




Biggest Cat Breeds 4
Biggest Cat Breeds 4

The other biggest cat breeds are Ragdolls. This charming and brilliant ragdoll get it has a very loveable, obedient, and warmhearted essence. This white fluffy cat with grey-signs face, ears, and tail enjoys cuddles and being cuddled. This breed has a mysterious history; however, it was known in the 1990s in the United States and was recognized in 2000. This big cat loves living in a family as well as having friends.


Breed Overview:


COLOR AND COAT: Blue eyes; coat colors include cream, red, lilac, chocolate, blue, and seal; coat patterns include colorpoint, mitted, van, and bicolor; light-colored body with darker ears, tail, legs, and face; and medium-length and silky plush coat.

WEIGHT: 4.5-9 kg

HEIGHT: 23-28 cm



1-Maine Coon

Biggest Cat Breeds 5
Biggest Cat Breeds 5

This breed is known for its streaked and mottled fur with dark stripes and pointed ears. Maine coon is one of the biggest cat breeds with shapely and voluptuous curves. This domestic cat is a strong as well as a gentle giant. People believe that this breed developed as a cross between a raccoon and a house cat in America. However, that myth is an explanation for the Maine coon’s voluminous tail and smooth, long coat. Some believe they originated in America


Breed Overview:


COLOR AND COAT: Copper, gold, or green eyes; and double, long coat with over 75 color combinations.

WEIGHT: 4.5-8 kg

HEIGHT: 25.5-40.5 cm



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