Veteran Wakes Up From ICU Devastated For Losing His Service Dog

Veteran Wakes Up From ICU Devastated For Losing His Service Dog



An emotional support dog called Sandy Girl got lost after being passed from a person to a person as her owner spent some days in ICU after having a car accident. Larry, Sandy Girl’s owner who suffers from PTSD, had to spend some days at the hospital after the accident, which left Sandy Girl without him.



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Sandy Girl was first moved to a neighbor to take care of her but she did not stay for so long as he had to fly to California. So, she was taken to a local park to be cared for until Larry’s recovery was done. Unfortunately, Larry did not know any information about her as she got passed from one human to another. So, Larry hired Jamie Katz, a pet detective from Fort Lauderdale, and put up posters in hopes he could find Sandy. The police had some information about the dog being abandoned, but they were not able to track the trail.



Thankfully, the detective work of Katz was enough as he was able to find Sandy. He then told Larry to set up a reunion and filmed it, which was very emotional! Check the clip below to get more information.


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