Dog Has Been Chained For 10 Years, Met By Kind Woman Who Asks To Walk Him

Dog Has Been Chained For 10 Years, Met By Kind Woman Who Asks To Walk Him



No one can tell us why some dog owners treat their dogs badly. If you decide to have a dog, you have to treat it as a family member. Unfortunately, one dog had been chained up for 10 years outside his home. The dog had nothing to do but sleep on the hard ground and to eat the leftovers of the family. Thankfully, the dog was seen by a kind woman who decided to visit him 3 times every day for 6 months. She even asked the owner if she could take him out for a walk.



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The dog was given many great things by the woman as he was given a bath, a thick blanket to sleep on, and some toys. He was also taken for walks to get some exercise. Unfortunately, one day was in a lot of pain, so the woman asked the owners to take the dog to a veterinary clinic.



Fortunately, the family agreed but the woman even asked to take Ralph home, and the family also agreed. Thankfully, the dog was taken by the woman as a foster to live at her shelter with her other animals. He needs to develop his social skills as he has never been in a situation like this. So, what he really needs is a forever home. We hope that he will find a forever home soon. Check the clip to get more information.


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